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The main product that MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd produces is the iron oxide nanoparticle 

The core team that developed iron oxide nanoparticle in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) founded our company which specializes in niche nano drug development. Since our company positions itself as a technology company with nanoparticles and nano-micelle as the core technology, the industry chain is positioned to be the value added to pre-clinical testing for human clinical trials as well as the pre-clinical testing stage for early human clinical trial. Hence, we do not intend to set up a production plant. The mass production of drugs is done by collaborating with domestic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and pharmaceutical companies, and this provides the source of drugs for clinical trials. After the clinical trials have verified the effectiveness of the drugs, we will actively work with domestic or internationally pharmaceutical companies to license or jointly develop the drug. Aa a result, we do not require heavy-duty equipment. After the product has completed its clinical trial, we will work with strategic partners to develop the market. The initial profit model is to license the products and technology development. This kind of operation strategy is the most appropriate choice in enhancing the horizontal division of labor in the Taiwan biomedical industry as well as improving the technical and commercial strength of the overall biomedical industry (including sub-industries like CMO, CRO and testing).

After the successful development of a few drug candidates, our company hopes to be the source of nanomedicine R&D in Taiwan and continues to introduce potential candidate drugs for pre-clinical testing. This is done in an attempt to establish a sustainable business as well as realize the nanomedicine R&D scene in Taiwan.