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Showcase more Taiwanese novel nanomedicines using the nano Index Case

The iron oxide nanoparticle from MegaPro Biomedical has received many awards even in the R&D stage. It has also been listed as the Index Case by Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) who provided countless professional suggestions and guidance. This is one of the successful cases that transited from a state legal research to clinical development. After having more clinical development experience, the company hopes to continue to showcase more novel nanomedicines that are developed in academia or state institutions, establishing a unique up-and downstream cluster for the niche nanomedicine industry.

Use the robust labor division system for the biomedical industry in Taiwan to create a larger shared added value

In addition to the clinical needs and products with good therapeutic properties, the contract research organizations (CRO) and medical centers conducting the clinical trials are also key factors behind the success of clinical trials. There are 18 major medical centers executing a total of 278 clinical projects in Taiwan. These centers have clinicians and medical environment of relatively high standard, rich experience in executing clinical projects as well as ample CRO resources to choose from. This is the capability of our downstream industry and it will have greater competitiveness internationally after constant practice. A large number of good manufacturing practice (GMP) companies (API and pharmaceutical companies) that have sprung up recently also require better candidate drugs for them to grow, showcase their capability and build an international reputation.