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To bring out more original nano drugs from Taiwan as nano index cases

      The nano iron oxide product of MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd. was supported and inspired by many awards during its research and development stage, and was therefore listed as an index case by CDE, as the company has also provided many professional suggestions and instructions. This is one of the successful cases that started from corporate research and led to clinical development. In the future, the company hopes that after accumulating more clinical development experience, it will continue to bring out more original nano drugs developed by academia and corporations to establish a unique upstream and downstream community of the niche nanomedicine industry.

Using Taiwan's potent biomedical division of labor system to create higher group-added value

      The key success factors for clinical trials, off course, requires a clinical need and products with therapeutic characteristics.  Nonetheless, multiple factors such as the CRO company and the medical center performing the clinical trial are also key success factors.  There are 18 major medical centers and 278 clinical plans in Taiwan, and we have very highly skilled clinical doctors and medical environments that possess a wealth of experience in the implementation of clinical trial plans and many CRO resources to choose from.  This is a strong downstream industry which requires constant honing of its strengths to make it more competitive internationally. Recently, professional GMP factories (raw materials and preparation factories) that have sprung up one after another, which is also in need of more good candidate drug products, so that these professional CMO companies can exert themselves, thrive, and develop global awareness and reputation.