Expanding the application field again, MegaPro Biomedical IOP enters the field of cell therapy

Expanding the application field again, MegaPro Biomedical IOP enters the field of cell therapy

MegaPro Biomedical (hereinafter referred to as "MegaPro", Taiwan OT stock code: 6827) announced that it will expand the application range of its self-developed nanoparticle technology platform - iron oxide nanoparticles (IOP), from the original application of iron supplements for iron deficiency anemia and MRI contrast agents to the field of cell therapy; Dr. Hsu Yuanhung, vice president of the R&D Department, will go to Paris on behalf of the company at the end of May to participate in the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy held Annual meeting (ISCT 2023) from May 31 to June 3 and publish the animal test results of IOP as a dendritic cell (Dendritic Cells, DC) vaccine adjuvant and MRI in vivo tracking.

The animal test results published by Dr. Hsu Yuanhung this time use IOP as the adjuvant of a dendritic cell vaccine; the characteristics of the IOP MRI contrast agent is also used to track the distribution of dendritic cells in vivo.  Using fragments of breast cancer cells as antigens, after being co-cultured with dendritic cells and IOP in vitro to make a dendritic cell vaccine, it is then injected into breast cancer mouse models to evaluate its anti-tumor capability; the results of the experiment found that in addition to being able to be phagocytosed by dendritic cells in large quantities, IOP can be significantly more effective in activating dendritic cells and enhancing their anti-tumor capability when compared to other common adjuvants — polyinosinic acid (Poly I:C) and saponin (Saponin).  In addition, through MRI tracking, it can also be observed whether the dendritic cells that have phagocytosed the IOP have entered the lymph nodes for subsequent immune responses. The benefit for future cell therapy is that physicians can track the location of cells in the body and the duration of which they stay, making it easier to formulate the most effective treatment strategy.

At the same time, as MegaPro Biomedical has collaborated with Professor Heike Duldrup-Link of Stanford University and his team for two years, the results have gradually emerged. Two cell-tracking animal trials have been completed: Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy (CAR-T) Animal Trials for Brain Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), and the animal experiment on bone marrow stem cells (MSC) in repairing pig cartilage defects.  In the test, IOP was successfully targeted to stem cells or CAR-T and allowed researchers to track the location of cells and observe the duration of stay. The test results have been published in two internationally renowned journals, Theranostics and Investigative Radiology.

Dr. Hsu Yuanhung states that relevant experiments at Stanford University have shown that the immune cells marked by IOP not only do not affect cell characteristics (such as the differentiation ability of stem cells and the tumor suppression activity of CAR-T), but also that MSC, CAR-T, and dendritic cells can all be successfully marked and tracked using MRI images. Among them, the traceable period in living bodies has been proven to be as long as 4 weeks in the cases of experimenting with large pigs.  MegaPro Biomedical's IOP is expected to bring new development opportunities for CAR-T, stem cell therapy, and cancer vaccines.


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MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 6827) was founded in 2014 and branched out from the Industrial Technology Research Institute. It is a new drug technology company mainly engaged in the development of niche nano-drugs.  MegaPro owns two nanotechnology platforms - "Nanoparticles" and "Nanomicrocells", which develops nano iron oxide products.  At present, MegaPro has developed three major products, namely MPB-1514 iron agent for iron deficiency anemia (clinical phase 2a completed), MPB-1523 contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (preparing for clinical phase 3 trial) , and MPB-1734 new dosage form anticancer drug (clinical phase 1/2a in progress).  For further introduction on the company, please refer to the official website: https://www.megaprobio.com/


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